Hey there, friend–So glad you could join me!
Oh sure, we may not technically be friends yet, but I consider a friend to be anyone who will take the time to stop and listen.
I mean, sharing my “personal” life with strangers via the internet was never something I aspired to. In fact, when God threw down this challenge I had to google the word “blog”–I was clueless!

After years of “being saved,” I finally gave God my entire life. I’m talkin’ the all-in-no-holding-back kind of obedience. Everything on the table.

Then, He called my bluff:
Tell your story.

After asking me to surrender my Perfect Life Plan (you know, happily married, educated, full-time working mom, financially comfortable, perfect children, immaculate home…), God promptly led me to leave my career and become a stay at home mom. I followed His lead and haven’t regretted it once.

That said, my initial question for Him was, What story? My life is far from interesting, so what could I possibly say that would be worth a space in the blogosphere, much less anyone else’s time?

At first, I envisioned a blog where my closest friends and I would recount our experiences with The Lord, share the ways we see Him in our daily lives. That’s where the name NotMyOwnBlog came from, for no one of us would fully claim this as our own blog.

But God had other plans.

(He usually does.)

While my friends were and are supportive, they didn’t share my calling. This call was for Me, Myself and I.

Keeping good on my promise, I moved full-steam ahead. Over the past three years I’ve blogged about small stuff, big stuff and in-between stuff. I’m not a writer but I am a Details Girl, plus I can talk the paint off of a wall. Put the two together and a’blogging we will go!

Although I still question God’s sanity, I realize I do in fact have a story to tell. We all do. Every day is an adventure with Him. Every interaction is a chance to show Him or to know Him more. He is in the big, the small, and the in-between, but recognizing Him is up to me.

So here are the stories of God showing up in the middle of my real life. Big stories, small stories, in-between stories; all of them His stories to use however He wishes.

This is indeed, Not My Own Blog.

It’s His.


Click this link to watch me tell the biggest part of my current story…

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