A Chance for Glory


“…The evil prince of this world approaches. He has no power over me, but I will freely do what The Father requires of me so the world will know that I love The Father. Come, let’s be going.”
~John 14:30-31

Sometimes the hard places of suffering feel like an evil doing of the enemy. However, I’m learning on this journey that God’s sovereignty covers even the darkest moments.

Jesus’ words in John 14:30-31 give me hope today. He said this to his disciples in the upper room during their last supper together, just hours before Roman soldiers would lead him away to be tried and crucified.

He was preparing their hearts for what they would soon endure, for the sudden loss they were about to suffer. He knew they would be shocked and feel attacked. Like something had been stolen from them. Like they had been wronged. Like God had somehow messed up.

Look at what he chose to say to them about their eminent situation.

“…the evil prince of this world approaches…”

Yes, guys. Satan is real and he’s here, seeking to steal and kill all I’ve done in you. And he wants to destroy all I desire to do through you. But I do not fear him and neither should you.

“He has no power over me…”

Satan has no authority over what is about to go down. He’s not calling the shots of what happens to me or how I will respond. Remember that.

“…but I will freely do what The Father requires of me…”

This suffering, this hard place I’m about to walk through is God’s plan, not Satan’s. It’s His task for me. I will choose to see it as such and complete it with His power.

“…so the world will know that I love The Father.”

I’m choosing to face this unbearably agonizing thing because it will bring glory to The Father. It will prove Who I am in Him and the love He has for the world.

“Come, let’s be going.”

I want you to go through this hard place with me. Even though it’s looming, we’re not backing down in fear. Let’s go to it, face it head-on. Watch how I handle it and follow my lead.

At first, the disciples didn’t do a hot job heeding His words. They hid. Doubted Him. Denied Him. But slowly, as the haze of shock lifted, they came around. They began to remember all He had taught them and the pieces came together. They recognized the tools He left them and began using them to stand firm and spread The Gospel. And aren’t we thankful?!

I needed this reminder today. I needed to remember I do not have to fear the enemy or anything that comes my way because The Father is bigger. He’s The Man with The Plan and He wants to accomplish things through me, too.

Jesus’ words also echo a truth I’ve tucked away…

“You have not handed me over to the enemy, but have given me open ground in which to maneuver.”
~Psalm 31:8

Suffering, trials, impossible situations are not a sign that God has let me go. They are a chance for glory. Opportunities He gives me to respond.

To look Fear in the eye and tell him, you’ve got no power here!

To see this hard place for what it is, a gift from The Father where I have the freedom to choose my actions.

To offer my suffering as an instrument for His glory, a living testimony of God’s power and love.

To stand firm and face it head-on in the strength of The Holy Spirit.

I’m so thankful for God’s Word! To read words so powerful, they transform my perspective even though they were spoken 2,000+ years ago.

I pray His words reach your dark place, too. Whatever mess you’re facing today, choose to see it for what it truly is.



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