Oh, Happy Day!


Friends, today I am honored to share with you the words of the wisest woman I know.

My Momma.

She writes…

January 27, 1975 at 6 pm I became Mrs. Douglas Allen Cole.

My first instinct for today was to go into hiding. This anniversary would be a day I would not face. The reality was too painful. I would hide myself away, focus on my loneliness and have a pity party.

But then God…

Those three words change everything in my life. From the day I was saved to the day the most beautiful, contagious smile came into my life. My knight in shining armor found me!

Doug wasn’t riding a white horse, instead he was driving a tan VW Beetle which I later named Betsy. Lol, I was the one who started naming our vehicles.

Doug made me laugh the very first time I met him. Those sparkling blue eyes looked right into my heart. And my life was forever changed.

Forty-one years later Doug will celebrate with the One who brought us together while I will celebrate with the ones He gave us. Today I will choose to be joy”filled” and yes, even happy!

God reminded me early this morning He created this day for Doug and me. He made a beautiful love story, life and legacy. I will celebrate the gift of our love!

So as I turn the page on a new chapter of my life, I can’t wait to see what the next “But then God…” will be!

🎉Happy Anniversary Douglas Allen I will always love you.❤️

Now I’m going to go find some beautiful tulips, my favorite flower, and celebrate. 🎉

“I have found the one my heart loves”…Song of Solomon 3:4


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