12 Years Ago Today


Every year on this day my heart feels silent, solemn. But two years ago today I shared a personal and (as always) somewhat embarrassing testimony about a fearful time in my life.

September 11, 2001 revealed the true condition of my heart and relationship with Jesus, bringing me to true repentance giving me a greater desire to know Him intimately.

This was one of my very first posts, so you’ve probably forgotten all about it or perhaps not read it at all, but I hope you will take a sec and read it now. I pray the Holy Spirit uses it to claim and/or calm someone’s heart today. ❤️


I wasn’t going to write today.  I felt my memories of 9/11/01 probably weren’t much different from yours or anyone else.  But then the Holy Spirit reminded me, not of what I was doing twelve years ago today, but of who I was twelve years ago today.

Twelve years ago today my life was very different.  I was a newlywed wife of two years, living in a small one bedroom apartment with my handsome new husband.  Twelve years ago today, I was going to my second day of my first “real” job since completing undergrad the previous spring.  Twelve years ago today, I was still reminiscing about my first foreign mission trip I had just taken that summer, to Minsk, Belarus.  Twelve years ago today, I was living in fear.

This had been a season of lessons on fear and faith for me, and the events of 9/11/01 propelled me…

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