Lice Happens


Yesterday our family had its first bout with head lice.

Ahhh! This was one of the top things on my list of Things I Hope We Never Catch. But as they say, *lice happens.

I will confess, as soon as the situation was identified I went into full-on Drama Queen mode.
Treat my daughter’s hair!
Wash all the linens!
Clean the furniture!
Contact the other moms!
So much to do and I felt it all needed to be done NOW.

This situation was turning out exactly as I dreaded it would. Time consuming and super-stressful. That’s when Momma looked me in the eye and pointed out my Tiara. (Thank you, Momma.)

As I assessed the job and processed my thoughts aloud, I had inadvertently made my daughter feel horrible. Although I knew it wasn’t her fault, my tizzy conveyed something different. As she sulked off to her room, I knew I had to get a grip.

So I took off my Tiara and apologized to My Girl. I confessed my overreaction and asked for her forgiveness.

This was not a punishment, it was Life. And the way I chose to handle this experience would say more to my family than words ever could.

Having learned from the broken air conditioner debacle, I prayed. Lord, show me the Good in this.

The next four hours were spent my most favorite way– Together. We sang songs, told stories, reminisced of our summer and imagined the upcoming school year. I got to comb my baby’s beautiful blonde hair and listen to her sweet voice.

She and I were handed the gift of Time. Undivided, uninterrupted time.

Something I’ve always dreaded has now become one of my fondest memories. I will forever look back on that day and smile, remembering the time we spent together.

So often we moms try to “plan” memories, don’t we? Vacations. Birthday parties. Christmas. We spend so much time organizing special moments that we often miss the inconvenient and unexpected ones.

I desperately want to live abundantly in the moment, no matter what that moment holds. Broken air conditioners. Lice. Chicken pox. I want to find the Good hiding in the Bad.

Those are the moments I will look back on with fondness, maybe even with a chuckle. But I realize I’m not good at finding them on my own.

Show me, Lord, my life’s end and the number of my days; let me know how fleeting my life is.” ~Psalm 39:4

I would have never planned to wash and comb my daughter’s hair for four hours, but I’m thankful that’s what happened. And you know what the best part is?

I get to do it all over again 7 to 10 days from now.😊



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