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If I Were a Super Hero


Faster than a speeding bullet, the years come and go.

My little man is 3 today.

And oh how we have entered the super hero phase of boyhood! With the swirl of his cape he’s off to fight the bad guys lurking under the bed.

“Don’t worry, Momma, I get them! Suuu-per Cole!!!!”

For the past few days we’ve been gearing up for a Super Hero birthday party, so the spirit of Heroism is definitely in the air.

Sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by capes and masks and super power cuffs, my daughter asked, “Momma, if you were a super hero, what would your super power be?”

If I were a super hero? Hmmm…

I had to think about it. Choosing a super power is not a decision to take lightly.

I mean, there’s flying. X-ray vision. Being invisible. Having the strength of 100 men. Moving faster than the speed of light. Shooting webs. Nunchuck skills…

The list goes on. So many good ones…

After considering the many choices and weighing my options, I’ve come to a conclusion.

If I were a super hero my super power would be to freeze time.

Yes, indeedy. I would want the power to control time. Slow it down. Stop it. Press pause for a beat.

I realize this power isn’t glamorous or flashy. It really isn’t even a legit crime fighting tool.

But it is one this Momma’s heart would treasure.

I would use it to capture moments and protect schedules from over commitment.

I would use it to negotiate better decisions, to aid in present-tense living and ensure quality interactions.

I would do more than save the day—I would save the years.

If I could be a super hero with the power to freeze time, I would stop myself long enough to smell the roses every day. To go for a walk. To play a game and color and snuggle and tell knock-knock jokes.

That’s IF I were a super hero…

The funny thing is, my kids think I am Super Mom; that I possess powers and abilities beyond their comprehension.

Huh. I guess I do actually have the power to freeze time.

The crime is that I don’t.

So today as I watch my Little Hero whisk down the hallway to rescue the cat from the clutches of canine evil, I will use my powers for good.

I will freeze time, if only for a moment, to fly down the hallway with him. As I soar through the clouds, may my To Do list vanish into thin air.

Today I will fight for justice and time well spent.

And who knows? I may even wear a cape while I do it.


“Teach us to number our days and recognize how few they are; help us to spend them as we should.” ~ Psalm 90:12


I Saw the Sign


“So when all these things begin to happen, stand straight and look up! For your salvation is near.” ~Luke 21:28

Okay. I’ve avoided this post for a while but it’s time. I can’t keep quiet anymore about the crazy “coincidences” surrounding us.

Friends, I truly believe these are “last days” we are living. From politics to natural occurrences, the signs are everywhere.

Never in my lifetime have I questioned the soundness of our government as I do now. Disagree with it? Sure. Dislike our leadership? Yes.

But I have never given legitimate thought that I might witness our country–one nation under God–turn its back on God’s people. That my eyes might watch the world turn its back on Israel, as scripture foretells.

I also would never have imagined how much integrity we’d be willing to sacrifice as a people for the sake of “progress” or political correctness. The redefining of entities like the family or the restricting of our religious freedoms simply boggles my mind.

Our safety, freedom, morals–the American way of life–is changing lanes and not yielding for anyone who’s not on board.

Then there’s nature and all that’s happening in that realm, even within our boarders. Ebola. Earthquakes in uncommon places. Drought and famines. Massive hurricanes. Blood moons and solar eclipses occurring on Jewish holy days. The biblical Shemitah year.

All this is real and happening now, in our lifetime. Our generation is without question witnessing the unfolding and fulfillment of numerous biblical prophecies.

Jesus said there would be signs to signal His return. In Luke 21 He gives a pretty lengthy list of what to look for. If you’re a List Checker like me, I think you’ll agree we can check off several things listed.

Other prophecies either have been fulfilled or are transpiring as we speak:
-Israel becomes a nation (check!)
-Israel will stand alone
-Iran and Russia will form an alliance
-Rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem

But signs are often ignored, aren’t they? Billboards. Road signs. “No Cell Phones.” The giant YIELD painted on the Walmart crosswalk.

We pass signs every day and often don’t even notice them.

Some would argue that we’ve always been living in “the last days,” but all can agree that every day we live is one day closer to Jesus’ return than the day before.

When else in history have so many prophecies and scriptures lined up regarding the end? It’s like God is giving us sign after sign after flashing, neon sign. He’s trying to wake us up, flag us down, do SOMETHING to get our attention.

Scripture is clear. “God is not willing that any should perish,” and I believe He is going all out for us right now.

God is making himself known in a last chance effort to save as many souls as possible, even using the  evil of ISIS for His good and our salvation. (

From the recent surge in faith-based and Biblically inspired movies to reality TV and radio, real-life believers are being given opportunities to share Jesus with the world at unprecedented rates.

Take this blog for example. Do you know how many bloggers there are on the web today? “In 2014, there were around 172 million Tumblr and 75.8 million WordPress blogs in existence worldwide.” And that’s just counting two outlets.

Through free blog sites and social media, more people than ever are being exposed to the hope of The Gospel every single day, multiple times a day, at the click of a button or touch of a screen.

Let’s face it, my generation has lounged in a rather comfy spot on the eternal timeline. We haven’t needed God to rescue us. We haven’t longed for His salvation as our ancestors did.

Our grandparents endured The Depression. Our parents lived The Cold War and Civil Rights Movement. But those of us 20-30-40 something’s? We’ve enjoyed a convenient sort of faith.

Makes me think of Noah and the people of his day.

Yeah, it’s supposed to “rain” but who knows when or what that’ll be like? It’s never rained before, so why should we care?

Because of my faith, I believe rain is coming.

One day there will no longer be new posts on this blog. All that will remain will be words typed and The Truth I pray they represent.

My prayer is not that you simply see the signs but that you know Jesus. That you believe He is God’s son and the only way to The Father.

But don’t believe in Him like you do George Washington or some other historical figure, simply knowing that he lived and did stuff and then died.

BELIEVE WITH YOUR HEART. Jesus lived and died For You. Specifically.

Believe He left heaven and came to earth For You. To live a perfect life For You because you’re not capable of that.

Believe Jesus died on the cross For You, to pay the penalty For Your Sin. All of it.

Believe He was dead and buried for 3 days and then, by the power of The Holy Spirit, He actually came back to life For You, to prove Himself to You.

Believe that people talked to Him, touched Him, ate with Him and watched Him ascend into the sky like a red balloon on a clear day.

Believe He told them He would make a place For You and then come back For You.

Believe this with your heart–not just your head–and you will be saved for eternity.

God is not mocked so I can’t imagine how much longer He can stand the wait or the sin. He is just and righteous, yet loving and gracious. He longs for the day He will save us.

Is That Day near?

“Putting it all together, we have an incredible convergence of events beyond manipulation by man…Is the Lord shouting at those with ears to hear and eyes to see?” ~Dr. Kevin Clarkson

May we have the ears to hear, the eyes to see, and the heart to tell.


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