Just Go With It


While cleaning the toilet the other day, I had a thought. Remember, this blog is written by REAL women about REAL life, so yes, I was down on both knees scrubbing the base of the toilet. You know, that underneath part nobody thinks about except those of us who have the honor of cleaning it? Well I was in that territory when I realized that as a mom, I literally spend several moments of time on my knees every day.

Cleaning toilets and wiping spills. Picking up puzzle pieces or other small toys. Tying shoe laces. Cleaning up “puppy ‘prises”.  Looking in the far reaches of cabinets for missing items. Pulling weeds. Okay…I don’t do that last one nearly as much as I should but it does require me to get on my knees nonetheless. And then it hit me: My job description as a mother REQUIRES me to get on my knees regularly.

If I’m going to do this job well, if my home is going to run efficiently or even—dare I say—be somewhat tidy, then I must be willing to get on my knees daily and as often as necessary.

It’s the same for my spiritual tidiness. If my marriage, children, home, friends, ministry–whatever I do–is going to be tended to properly, then I must get on my knees before the Throne of God and seek His assistance. I desperately need His counsel and wisdom. On my own, I don’t get very far. I’ve tried. I need supernatural help to make it through the day.

(You should know, I’ve long said that it takes three things to get my day going AND make me tolerable to the world around me: Jesus. Coffee. Makeup. Leave out even one of those three and it ain’t pretty.)

I’m currently reading Kingdom Woman by Dr. Tony Evans and his daughter, Chrystal Evans Hurst. In the first chapter she gives a great idea for starting each day.

“Each morning, lie in bed for one purposeful moment…stretch your arms toward heaven, and offer yourself to The Lord, inviting Him to show you the most important thing on His list for you to get done today. Let Him know you are willing to be INTERRUPTED, willing to be DERAILED, and willing to be SURPRISED if He sees fit. Then, get up and walk in the knowledge that your day belongs to The Lord.” 

This struck my heart because I tend to be a bit of a planner. Alright, fine!  The honest-to-goodness truth is that my husband and my mom will tell you I am The Control Freak and that I make lists about the lists I need to make.  And I’m one of those obnoxious list-checkers because I enjoy when I get to “check!” things off.  (Did ya hear it? If so, you may be one, too.)

If my plans get “derailed” or if I’m “surprised” with a change, I tend to get down right mean. And I hate to be “interrupted.” Seriously. I have a need to finish something once I start it. And if I don’t get to, I usually make whoever it was that did the interrupting pay.

This should help you better understand my current life motto: Just Go With It.  (Hey, at least I’m trying.)

Thankfully, Becoming a mother has caused me to ease up on my planning and lists just a tad. I mean, who can really predict exactly what an infant or toddler will do?

I’ve learned nothing on my agenda is so important that I am willing to sacrifice precious moments with my children or the chance to further The Kingdom, just for the sake of getting It All done.

Becoming a mother has also caused me to reevaluate my prayer life. For a worry-wort like me, praying for my family, their safety and salvation comes as naturally as breathing. I pray for them daily, constantly. That’s like a no-brainer.  And I pray for my day, but I usually ask The Lord to come along with me and my plans.

Shouldn’t that be the other way around? Shouldn’t I find out what He has planned for the day and then join Him?

And what about my attitude? My priorities? My to-do list? My time management ability? My impatience with interruptions and my frustration with sudden changes? I can be a handful, so I must find myself on my knees before The Lord several times a day, as often as needed, or my entire day will be a hot mess.

Like yours, my days are so incredibly busy. So much to do with so little stinkin’ time to do it. And I just need to Get. The Stuff. Done.  So join me this morning as I attempt to allow God to set my agenda for the day and clean up my act in His throne room. Even if the porcelain in my house doesn’t sparkle, may my heart be clean and my spirit ready to Just Go With It, whatever “it” is He sees fit to put on my schedule.


“Create in me a clean heart, oh God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10


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