If I Never Had a Problem…


For those of you who are Facebook friends of mine, the following post may sound familiar.  It was originally shared on my page on April 9, 2013.

“If I never had a problem, how would I know God could handle it?  How would I know what faith in God can do?”

I remember seeing these words written in my momma’s handwriting on the back of a card she had stuck in her Bible when I was a kid.  I recall reading them again and again but never truly getting their meaning.  Fortunately, “adulthood,” as one friend put it, has given me multiple chances to understand their meaning.

If I were never in need or in tough situations, or that oh so familiar spot between the rock and the hard place, how else would I know that God can and will come through for me?  He wouldn’t have to.  It is in these places that He has the opportunity to do so…if I let Him.

See, for the majority of my life I’ve usually sought a way out of that hard spot on my own.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I’d pray about it and ask Him for help, but I’d typically find a way out that made sense to me.  Can you imagine if Moses had tried to swim the Red Sea?  We laugh now but that might have seemed like a logical option in the moment, right?

But that’s the thing; God’s ways usually don’t make sense to me nor do they have to.  He is a holy God whose ways are loving and gracious and merciful.  Always.  I certainly can’t guarantee that about my ways.  Mine are typically self-seeking, self-centered, or self-preserving.  Praise the Lord His ways are higher than mine!

So I’m not saying I always think like this or that now I’ve got life figured out.  Please.  I’m still trying to figure out how to use my iCloud.  I’m just reminded as I sit here (at 2a.m. rocking my 12 month old who should be asleep) that if I’m never in Red Sea situations then I’ll never get to witness the parting of the waters.  God won’t come through for me unless I have no other option and the faith to get out of the way and allow Him to save me.

Big or small, I bet we all have a Red Sea in our lives that God can part, that He wants to part.  Maybe He’s parted waters for you in the past, but now you’re lost in the desert?  Don’t worry.  He’ll do it again.  We trust Him completely for eternal salvation; how ’bout we give Him a chance with something else?

Momma, thanks for giving me that card.  It’s in my Bible now.  😉



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