Thankful for the Lack in My Life


The following post was originally shared on my Facebook page on Jan. 22, 2013, before I created this blog.  However, I feel led to share it here, as well.  🙂


Do you find yourself these days wishing life were easy?  Wonder what it’d be like to walk into any store and buy whatever you need without hesitation?  Or what it would be like to give generously to others without a pause?  I’m there.  In fact, I’ve spent most of my adult life there.  But here’s what I know: When I have more than enough, I tend to forget my true need for God’s provision.  I start thinking I’m self-sufficient.  Or, I don’t think at all and mindlessly shop for my family’s wants and needs.

As the book I’m reading says, “Christians often lack things…because the lack forces us to turn to God and depend on His provision.  Lack facilitates closeness to God in a way that prosperity rarely does.”  Man, is that true!  Two years ago, when Steve and I felt God leading me to quit my job of 10 years and become the full-time COO of our home (that’s Chief Operating Officer; he’s the CEO), we became very aware of our need for God’s daily provision.  God HAS to come through for us or we don’t make it!  We no longer trust our salaries, the security of our jobs or the holiday bonuses we’d come to rely on.  We always thanked the Lord for providing those things, but in all actuality we felt secure in those things

Standing in line at the bank last week, I was reading the FDIC plaque there on the counter, assuring me my money was safe because of the US government’s backing.  For the first time in my life, that–meant–nothing.  This government is failing and will one day be obsolete for me.  My Lord Jesus Christ will rule and reign and the government will be upon His shoulders.  And His kingdom will have no end! (Isaiah 9:6-9) 

So, I have to put my money where my faith is.  Making our budget stretch is NOT easy.  It’s a lot of work to make my grocery list, check sales ads, price match, clip coupons…But in my heart, I know I don’t want it any other way.  Because my budget is tight, I HAVE to give it to God.  I MUST bathe my grocery shopping in prayer or I won’t make it out of the store with what my family needs.  Only have $100 for this week?  How about getting everything my family of four needs for $98.30?  Only God could do that!  And He does it weekly, when I give it to Him and consciously await His provision.  How else would I get to see Him come through for me like that unless I only had $100?  I would totally miss out on this boost to my faith.  For me, faith increases when money decreases.

Money may not be where your “lack” lies.  But we all lack something we wish we had more of: time, love, talent… So whatever you’re lacking, give it to God.  He WILL come through for you if you’ll let Him.  Anticipate it.  The joy you’ll feel when you see Him do this is like no other.  He loves you. 

I love you, too, friend. 

Jessie 🙂


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